Supporting children and families affected by Hemihyperplasia / Hemihypoplasia

One of the results of having Hemi in the legs/feet is that typically different shoe sizes are needed when purchasing shoes.  This means families are purchasing two sets of shoes in two different sizes, which can be expensive and wasteful.  Posted on this page are shoes that are available from other Hemi families.  You can exchange with other families, find shoes you would like and/or post shoes that you don't need.

Submitting Shoes for Exchange

To submit shoes for exchange please email us at, include a photo(s) of the shoes, the sizes (please make note of what side is what size), your name and how you would prefer to be contacted (ex: email, phone, etc.).  Interested parties will be contacting you directly to coordinate delivery/shipping, etc.

Exchanged Shoes

Once a set of shoes has been sent/exchanged please email us at and let us know so that we can remove them from the site.  Please make note of the item number in your email.


  • Left - Size 6
  • Right - Size 5
  • If interested please email Lana at

In Search of:

  • Boys Shoes
  • Left - Size 7
  • Right - Size 8
  • If you have some available please contact the above email address.

Shoe Exchange