Supporting children and families affected by Hemihyperplasia / Hemihypoplasia

*All volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form.  A Waiver Liability Form is also required if your are hosting an event or fundraiser at a location.  Please submit all forms prior to the start of the event.  Click here for the forms.

*If yes, please scan the invoice/rental agreement and email to  Reference your name and event in the subject line.

Fundraiser/Event Approval Request

In order to have your fundraiser supported by Lift Up Hemi - Inc. this request form must be filled out and submitted 2 months prior to the fundraiser/event date.  This will allow time to determine if your fundraiser fits the ideals of Lift Up Hemi - Inc., our mission and to disseminate all necessary information to make this a success.  You will be contacted at least one month prior to the proposed fundraiser's date in regard to approval.  Any questions can be emailed to

*Invoices/receipts will be required for reimbursement.