Supporting children and families affected by Hemihyperplasia / Hemihypoplasia

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Maisie - Isolated Left Side Hemi -  Maisie upon other things is an amazing big sister and enjoys playing with her siblings.  She loves music and her favorite band is One Direction.  She is an avid reader and enjoys collecting Sylvanian Families and Moshie Monster.

Libby - Right Side Hemi - Libby's Hemi is from the arm to the foot and was first diagnosed at 4 months old.  Now 3 years old and living in Israel, she has reached all her milestone with no problems.  She maintains her lively and funny ways while joking about her "wonky belly", which protrudes due to Hemi.  She handles her regular tests very well considering her young age.  What a cutie!!

Faith - Full/Complex Left Side Hemi - She loves riding horses and animals of all kinds!!

Colton - Isolated Right Side Hemi - Colton is always happy and smiling!  He is fun loving and loves making people laugh.  He gives the bests hugs and loves to entertain you.  He loves to dance and he is an awesome caregiver to his dog Red.

Meet Our Hemi Family!

Gabriel - Hips to Toes Left Side Hemi - He loves to play outside and climb on everything.  Mom says nothing gets this boy down!! He is one of Elmo's biggest fans, enjoys reading Dr. Suess and watching movies.