Supporting children and families affected by Hemihyperplasia / Hemihypoplasia

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Lino - Left Side Hemi - Lino resides in Germany.  His mom made him a website dedicated to Lino and how special he is.  He recently received a diagnosis of PIK3CA Spectrum.  They have an amazing website.  Check it out!

Tori - Isolated Left Side Hemi - Tori is amazing! She embraces and loves her Hemi and who she is.  We all could learn things from this amazing young lady.  She enjoys ballet even with a leg length discrepancy of 2.6 cm.  She hopes to one day become an artist.

JJ - Isolated Right Side Hemi - Just look at this face.  John Michael Jr. also know as JJ has full right side Hemi.   Every time momma thinks he will struggle with to do something...surprise he conquers it.  His determination is something to be admired.  He cruises around real well and walks with the help of his mom's finger. Such a doll!!  Someone started walking.


Mehgan - Isolated Right Side Hemi - Simply beautiful and helpful with things mommy needs her to do.  She has a dog named Molly that she enjoys playing with.  Dancing with her brother and collecting stickers are two of her favorite things.

Meet Our Hemi Family!

Brielle (right) - Russell-Silver Syndrome  - The daughter of  Lift Up Hemi's President, she has an undergrowth on her left side from her head to toes.  This would make Brielle, Hemihypoplasia.  Brielle is a super active little girl and is making her milestones as hoped.  So far Brielle isn't showing many of the severe signs of Russell-Silvers Syndrome and we are very fortunate for that.  She is a sweet breathe of fresh air.  Briezy, pictured here with her sister Hillary (left), is now 4 years old and enjoys dance and gymnastics.